This giveaway is the final in a series of three giveaways from our sponsor Lovefeast.  The first giveaway was a set of six pumpkins.   I styled mine with yellow accessories from around my house.  Eventually, I traded my set of pumpkins with my sister – and  ordered the white ones, which match my décor better!
Here are my white ones, much better with my white slipcovers and creamware!   The second giveaway was the Trio Set of pumpkins.  
For today’s third and final giveaway, I set up a winter wonderland tablescape!
I know it’s definitely weird to set a table without having a dinner party, but it’s kind of fun too!
I used the Lovefeast frosted deer antlers as the basis of the centerpiece.  And I used my set of six white pumpkins, along with another set of Hostess Pumpkins – which is a set of six 3” pumpkins. 
Then I mixed in votives and Ben’s collection of crystal obelisks to make it all wintery and icy looking.  Well…I tried!!!
Lovefeast’s Hostess Set of six 3” pumpkins comes in all the different colors, but I’m sticking with the white ones for now.   I’ve been playing around with their antlers and moving them from this table to that.  Everyone who comes over asks about them and my sister in law wants them for her own Christmas table.  If you have a long table, I could see using several sets together lined up from one end of the table to the next.
I used my everyday white plates to keep in the theme and chose not to use flowers, although white roses would have been pretty with it too. 
It is easy to clean up a table when no one has actually eaten there!  Ben didn’t even bother to ask what in the world I was doing. 
It was all great fun until one of the votives popped and cracked open from the heat.  Luckily the wax didn’t spill out.  
If you are the winner of the giveaway, you get the antlers and the Hostess Set of six 3” pumpkins.  Where would you put the antlers?  On the dinner table, on the mantel, or on the coffee table?
This third giveaway is for both one antler AND one Hostess Set of Six 3” pumpkins.
The antlers come in clear and frosted pink. 
The Hostess Set of Six 3” pumpkins comes in different colors.
To enter the contest, just go to Lovefeast and pick out your favorite item that they sell.   Come back here to leave a comment and tell me what your favorite item is!
That’s it!!!
Contest ends Saturday night at 11:59 pm.
Also Lovefeast is offering the following sales:
15% off all Velvet Pumpkins from 12/1 - 12/31
10% off Antlers from 11/19 - 12/12
Go the to Lovefeast web site HERE and find your favorite item and leave me a comment telling me what it is!
Good luck!!
Thanks for your patience.  
Putting the blog on comment moderation was interesting.  Not one comment was deleted – not a single one!!  As I said earlier, the comment moderation will only be used for guest houses, but if the comments continue to be respectful, I might not have to use it even then.   I did learn one important thing though.  The amount of spam comments is amazing.  One day, there were over 150 spam comments alone.   SO, as much as I really HATE to do this, I’m going to put on word verification.  When  you comment, you will be asked to verify the code.  I know it’s a hassle and no fun, but at this point, I really need to try to stop all the comment spamming.  If and when the spamming does end – I will take off the word verification immediately.  Also, if you comment anonymously, the word verification will not affect that, so don’t worry,  you can still comment without leaving a name.  I’m truly sorry to do this, but hopefully I will be able to take off the word verification when the spamming stops!

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