Skirted Roundtable: Michael J. Lee


image Linda’s newly remodeled kitchen, photographed by Michael J. Lee


This week we welcome architectural photographer Michael J. Lee to The Skirted Roundtable.  Lee is kind enough to discuss the ins and outs of professional photoshoots.  Lee is a personal friend of Linda’s, having shot several of her projects (see above.)   Starting out as an interior designer, Lee brings an extra element to his photoshoots.   Most architectural photographers don’t have the design background that Lee has and this gives him a distinct advantage over competitors.  He is able to style the interiors, as well as photograph them, which is a rarity in this business.   During his interview,  Lee gives out helpful tips about how to take better pictures.   He claims it’s not the camera that makes a great shot!  Well, snort, thanks for telling me now, after I’ve spent a small fortune on cameras and lenses trying to get better shots for my blog!  Something tells me that he is being just a little humble.  Lee has a fascinating story to tell about first spending years working with the best designers in New England before he shifted gears in midstream, starting over again, shooting interiors instead of creating them.  It’s a good one this week, even if you aren’t into photography!  Be sure to listen, you’ll enjoy it!



image This photograph had us all wondering exactly how he shot it – Lee explains!


To listen to this week’s Skirted Roundtable and our guest Michael J. Lee, go HERE.

To peruse Michael Lee’s web site,  go HERE.

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