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Anyone who reads Cote de Texas knows that one of my favorite go-to’s each morning is the blog - The Lettered Cottage.  Layla writes her blog while her husband does the renovating to their darling cottage.  She’s a bundle of energy and has really shown all of us bloggers just how far you can take this medium.   She has created something truly special with The Lettered Cottage and it’s an real inspiration.   Each day, there’s something new going on thereWhether it’s a funny video of the two of them ripping out yet another ceiling, or her showing us her latest flea market acquisitions or just trying to find a stray cat a home, Layla keeps it interesting and always humorous.  I look at her with awe and respect, she’s incredibly talented and also, she’s very, very sweet.  I know that one day I’ll be watching her on TV saying, “I knew her when” and I’ll be thrilled for her.  


image Layla’s Dining Room:  Lettered Cottage Chic


When Layla started The Lettered Cottage, she mostly went it alone.  Her popularity quickly soared and now, just over a year later, her blog has a huge readership.  Along the way, husband Kevin joined her in the endeavor and it’s a true partnership now.  Together Layla and Kevin have taken design blogging into another realm, illustrating that with tons of hard work, determination and lots of laughs, a blog can be something much, much more.   Recently Layla’s been excitedly telling me about an E Book she’s been writing and today  “Creating An Inspired Home” is finally on-line!    It’s a how-to book, all about renovating and decorating,  filled with tons of tips and before & after pictures that show how you can create your own Lettered Cottage look.    It’s available for just $11.99 HERE.   If you are like me and can’t get enough of Layla and her cottage chic – be sure to stop by and check out “Creating an Inspired Home” today!

Congratulations Layla and great success to you and Kevin!

The Lettered Cottage blog HERE.

E Book: Creating The Inspired Home HERE.

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