Guess Who The Designer Is?



Mrs. Blandings used to play this game all the time – she’s hasn’t done it in a long time - so I’m going to borrow the idea!  Sorry Patricia – I hope you don’t mind!

OK – here’s the deal.  Guess the designer. 

Now, just to be fair, no running back to your old Veranda to look it up!!!  Play fair and square.  Guess who it is. 

This should be REALLY easy, actually. 

Prize:  No prize!!! 




(sorry for the bad scan!)   The living room is divided into areas – a sunny summer area and a winter area.  Above is the summer area with two creamy sofas.  There’s a beautiful trumeau above the console.



And at the other side of the living room, the “winter” side near the fireplace.  Beautiful table in between a pair of French chairs.  That mantel!!!




My favorite room is the dining room with a beautiful round pedestal table and antique Italian chairs.  The walls are covered in linen.  Only one of the two terra cotta cherubs are seen here.  French doors open onto the garden.



Ying and Yang:  A beautiful painted French chest with a contemporary painting over it. 





The master bedroom has a garden like appearance with greens and creams.





The vanity table is made with a shawl and a skirted fabric.  Striped silk curtains.




The owners already owned this painted Italian chest and brought it to their new house.  Love the mirror and the lamps.




The architect added an atrium with a glass ceiling that includes a secondary kitchen.  The brick walls of the atrium were once the outside of the house.




An 18th century grisaille wallpaper remnant is framed and hung above an antique painted console.


So, that’s it!  Any idea who the designer is?

Remember, this was designed over twelve years ago!!

Leave your guess in the comment section.





We are so happy to announce the adoption of Miss Micki Mantle Webb!  Born just ten weeks ago, she came home this Tuesday night.    Micki is a member of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Blenheim tribe and has curly red ears with the cutest sad eyes known to man!!   The white spot on her black nose should fill in in just a few months.

Celebrating her arrival are her somewhat happy, but not ecstatic, two older sisters: Miss Georgie Herman Ruth Webb and Miss Sammie Jo Sousa Webb. 

In loving memory are her two other sisters no longer with us, Miss Reggie Jackson Webb and Miss Willie Mays Webb.


P.S.  Mr. Slippersocksman is a huge baseball fan who insists on naming all his female dogs after big, burly Hall of Fame players!!   Only a man….

Well, it’s the least I can do.  After taking away his ceiling fans and coffee table, letting him name the dogs is worth it. 

Mr. Slippersocksman just informed me that Sammy Sousa was actually denied entrance into the Hall of Fame because of alleged steroid use.  I guess we have to rename Sammie Jo now.  After 11 years.  Only a man…



OK, the next contest will be – Rename Sammie Jo Webb!!!

Only ACTUAL Hall of Famers names will be accepted.

P.S.S.  I think I need a life.



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