A page from an Aidan Gray catalogue, taken at Randal Weeks’ house.


I want to send a huge thank you to everyone who sent in pictures of their house for the Aidan Gray contest!  As announced, we are picking two winners to shoot the next  Aidan Gray catalogue at their house.  The winner will receive a gift certificate for $5000 at Aidan Gray and the runner up will receive a $2500 gift certificate.

I will say this – I have gotten a HUGE complex after looking at all your houses.    I have NEVER seen such a collection of beautiful, gorgeous, and interesting houses!!!   Talk about feeling insecure.  You have probably been laughing at pictures of my poor house all these years.  Truthfully, it was embarrassing looking at all your pictures.  I had no idea so many readers have such absolutely gorgeous houses – and so beautifully decorated! 

So many of your houses are so romantic.  There is a reader who lives on a California vineyard, and one who lives in a Scottish castle  – in Oklahoma.   Another lives in a French Chateau – in Louisiana.    There are readers who live on lakes and readers who live on rivers.   There are readers who live in the cutest guest houses in tiny towns in Texas and there are those who live on huge ranches.  There are readers who live at the foot of mountains and those who live on golf courses.  Some readers live on property so large you can’t see where the fence is!    There are readers who live in grand old houses and some who have just finished building their dream home.  The entrants came from all over the United States and it’s so interesting to see the difference in houses from far away places.   All in all, it has been so much fun looking and drooling at all the photographs.  Thank you for inviting me into your lovely homes.   Each one is special in its own way.   

So, now the issue is this.  I have tried to send everyone a confirmation email that I received your pictures.  If you didn’t get an email from me, will you please let me know?  I want to be sure that I received all the entrants.  Now, it’s possible I got your pictures, but didn’t send the note – so  - if you didn’t get a confirmation email from me, send me an email letting me know that you did send in pictures, but didn’t receive the confirmation.  BE SURE TO PUT “AIDAN GRAY CONTEST” ON THE MESSAGE LINE!!!

After I get your email,  I will then look to see if I actually did get your pictures.  If I didn’t, I will email you asking you to resend the pictures.  Don’t resend your pictures until I email you back saying I need you to resend them,  OK?

Hopefully by this time next week, we will have a decision to announce.  Hopefully!

Thanks again to everyone for entering.  I’m hoping that after the contest is announced, I’ll be able to show you some of the houses that entered!!



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