What?  Did I hear that correctly??   A sale at Tara Shaw Antiques?    YES!!!!  Tara Shaw in Houston is hosting a “Once in a Lifetime Event” – a sale!  Why Once in a Lifetime?   Because Tara Shaw NEVER has sales.  Never.  Until now, that is.  Emails went out to all their customers announcing the sale in Houston, starting Tuesday, November 1.  BUT BUT BUT – if you read this, you can go early, before the crowds.  For Cote de Texas readers, the sale starts this Saturday!!!   Why the sale?   The store in Houston will be moving to a new location – to be announced in the future.   So, I suppose this is a cleaning out, the less to move, the better.   The doors open Saurday at 10:00 am until 5:00 pm.   AND, the store will be open on Monday.   I can’t wait to see what’s for sale and how much discount there is.   This is your chance, a once in a lifetime chance, to buy an important antique, at a discounted price.  Tara sent over a few pictures of things that are on sale:



The front of the Houston shop.   I love those huge pots for a porch.  Beautiful!




A view towards the back of the shop.  Those two mirrors on the left look interesting.   Hmmm.  I see a lot of things I like. 



This bookcase is in the store and on sale.



This is a great piece for an entry, a dining room, or a family room – with a mirror and beautiful lamps. 




Beautiful!!!   This piece is also in the Houston shop.




Tara Shaw’s star is on the rise.   From the owner of a small antique shop dealing to the trade only, Tara is now a major player in the furniture business.   Just recently, Tara Shaw opened showrooms in the Highpoint, New York and Atlanta markets to sell her line of exceptional reproduction furniture.  When she started her line, Maison, in 2008, she had 46 items.  Today, the line has grown to over 200 items and all wonderful, if you ask my opinion.   Also exciting, Tara was the only non-Californian designer asked to design a room for the Veranda Showcase House designed by Windsor Smith.  The focal point of the bedroom was the iron canopy bed from the Maison line.  The side tables also came from Maison while the rest of the room was furnished with antiques from Tara Shaw.



Tara Shaw – Interior Design Project

A few years ago I first wrote about Tara Shaw’s arrival in Houston when she forced by Katrina to open a shop here because her New Orleans store was unable to accept a shipment.  It was monumental – the first to-the-trade antique shop Houston had seen in ages.  The prices were truly wholesale and very affordable.  At her first shipment, I almost gave myself a heart attack.  Seriously.  I ended up at the cardiologist after I thought I had heart pains brought on by all the gorgeous antiques.   To read that story, go HERE.   While, there was nothing wrong with my heart, it was perfectly understandable why I was hyperventilating.   I had never been exposed to so much for so little.  Whew!   Over the years, the policy changed, and Tara Shaw is now open to the public.   I am thinking this sale will be reminiscent of those earlier to-the-trade only days!  Through the years, at Tara Shaw, I have bought both for clients and myself.  I love to see what’s she has in stock. I’m always perusing their 1st Dibs listing HERE and their web site to see what’s in store in either Houston or New Orleans.  


livingroom 016

In my own living room, my antique French chandelier came from Tara Shaw.  I had waited for years to buy one, and finally found exactly what I wanted at Tara’s.



My antique French Buffet a deux came from Tara’s also.  I had saved up money from my business and bought it all by myself. I was so proud!  ha!!  Inside, my collection of Masonware is on vacation for a while.  Instead,  I have a collection of shells and cream covered books, from Tara Shaw, of course!!!


tripod 062

A few weeks ago, I went to Tara’s and bought a small collection of creamware plates – that I put on top of the table.  The antique altar sticks are also from Tara, as are the reproduction sconces that flank the French door.  There are very similar sconces in the Tara Shaw Maison line.


livingroom 006

This pair of antique sconces also came from Tara – I would love to have a pair of tabletop lights just like these. 


Kitchen2010 319

These four chairs came from Tara Shaw – I bought these at her grand opening when I gave myself a fake heart attack.   Today, these chairs are on vacation in the Ga’Rage – while the kooboo chairs take their place.  For the photoshoot that will be in the Kitchen Renovation magazine, Bonnie Broten styled the breakfast room showing both these chairs and the kooboo chairs together.  It looked really cute, I wish I had enough room to have them both like that all the time!



lizzysroom 010

In Elisabeth’s room, I bought this large mirror from the Tara Shaw Maison line – I love it.  It’s a great reproduction and looks like an antique.

There are so many items in her Maison line that I love:



The Swedish day bed is a favorite from the Maison line.   It’s perfect for a living room, a sitting room, even a bedroom.  Love it!



This Swedish chest would be beautiful as an end table in a living room or next to a bed.  It really looks authentic.  Swedish antiques are so expensive – and most reproductions are cheaply made.  Maison really has beautiful pieces that are made so well and look so old.



I am crazy over this new item in the Maison line.   An Italian cabinet – I’m thinking I might need this in my entry hall.  It’s so good looking.  I love the barely blue paint next to the gilt.





Finally, another new item I am lusting after – these balustrade lamps with a parchment shade.  Beautiful.




Don’t forget – doors open Saturday, Oct. 29th,  at 10:00 at Tara Shaw, Houston, for a Once in a Lifetime sale!!!!   Open to the public.   Get there early and good luck – I hope you find something you can’t live without like I do every time I walk in that shop!!!  And remember, the store will also be open on Monday.


For more information:

Houston Warehouse


1845a W. Alabama

Houston, TX 77098

t. 713-533-9744

f. 713-533-9749



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