It’s Lonely At the Top: For Bloggers ONLY



FOR BLOGGERS ONLY:    It’s lonely at the top.   A few weeks ago my best blogging buddy, Things That Inspire, signed up for Blogrankings – yet another new, cool tool to rank your blog visitors.    There isn’t a dedicated Design Blog division on Blogrankings, so she signed up under the Lifestyle Blogs.   Apparently all the other current Design Blogs are registered under Lifestyles too.   TTI got me to sign up and for a few weeks we’ve been having a blast trying to beat each other in our rankings.  You get a widget and the widget constantly updates your current ranking.   The really interesting part is everyone is reset to Zero at the start of the week to level the playing field!!!

But, the problem is that there are so few design blogs signed up right now, we’re looking for competition to play with.  Come on everybody – please sign up!   It would be so much fun to see how many readers we all have and who is really shaking up the blogosphere on any given day.  Technorati has turned out to be a real bust – they measure how your blog ranks by how many link to you and who really cares about that anyway?   Besides, they have been fraught with technical problems lately.    Sitemeter is good for one thing, to figure out what state your hateful anonymous’ are posting from (and even that is suspect.  My address shows I’m posting from a field in the middle of Kansas!)  I do love Google Analytics which has a wonderful tool to gauge your reader loyalty – but that can actually be quite depressing when you add up how many of your readers actually stay on your blog longer than a second – not many!

So, Things That Inspire and I are inviting everyone out there in the Design blogosphere to join Blogrankings and dethrone us!  It’s no fun being in the Top Five when there are only five kids playing.   Come on – and play with us!  Join today.   And be sure to sign up under Lifestyles  Blogs.   Email me of TTI if you have any questions!

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