Welcome Miss Laine and Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Little Girl Bedrooms!


Almost exactly two years ago to the day, our family went from this:



to this:


when my nephew Philip married Allison and they had a little girl, Laine, this Monday afternoon!  Isn't she just the cutest thing in the world?  Well, of course!

The new baby makes me a Great Aunt,  my sister a grandmother (!!!) and my parents Great Grandparents  - all for the first time.  While we are adjusting to our new senior status in life, little Laine's parents are getting settled into their new home and the baby is sleeping in her own adorable room!   Congratulations you three!




The face of today's grandmother!    Laine (in the bassinet), Sandy - maternal grandmother, and on the right, Cathy, my sister and paternal grandmother.  Cathy has chosen to be called "Honey" instead of Grannie and her husband will be called "Pops."   Notice please, that they are both wearing pink in Laine's honor, while she is sporting just a white diaper.  Something tells me this will be the last time this baby is not wearing the most adorable of outfits.  Also wearing pink on birth day were the father and the two grandfathers.   It was a theme, natch.



That's MY  baby!   Elisabeth was born right across the hall from Laine, 17 years ago!  Hard to believe it's been 17 years, seems like yesterday.  I noticed that the birthing rooms hadn't been remodeled in all that time either.  Elisabeth was born with a head of hair just as black as Laine's.  It all fell out when she was about 4 months old and grew back in white blonde.  After turning mousy brown around her 12th year, she started putting lemon juice on it, which turned her hair a pretty shade of orange.  Now, as you can see, she is back to being white blonde, thanks to the bottle.



Moi, the great aunt with the big old hands, my nephew Philip - the new daddie, my daughter, and my father - the new great grandfather.   Unfortunately, the new great grandmother, Betty Rae, was home sick with a cold and had to miss the initial excitement.  Needless to say, she was none too pleased to be sick.




My other nephew - Jeffrey, the new uncle.  Girls - he's available!!!!!   Email me if you want a date with him.  :)He wore orange and white in honor of the University of Texas.  Hopefully, in 18 years, Laine will be Longhorn herself.



Laine's nursery is adorable, all pink, no doubt!  with accents of green.   Of course you knew I was going to bring design into this somehow!   Babies' room have  come a long way since the days of having  just a crib, a rocker, and a changing table.   The first thing many mothers-to-be do upon hearing the good news is to hire a decorator.   Some interior designers specialize in kids rooms, and  there are countless decor stores catering to the younger set.  What a perfect time for me to take a closer look at what is going on in the world of little girl rooms since I haven't thought about that for 17 years.    One day I might be interested in little boy rooms, but not now! 



The movie star Jennifer Lopez chose this nursery for her twins - boy and girl, although this room is definitely all girl.  Crystal chandelier, iron twin cribs, peach colored walls, lace half canopies, and peach and cream silk curtains.  Adorable!



Dark rose instead of light pink dominates here.  This shade of pink seems to be very popular for girl rooms. 



For this nursery, Candice Olson used moss greens with hot pinks and lavenders. 


A close up of the alcove bed shown above.  Love the oversized clock.



This contemporary nursery uses adult elements and colors, but somehow it still looks like a baby girl's room.  Unusual, but attractive.



Suellen Gregory designed this nursery - it's one of my favorites:  gray silk curtains mixed with shades of apricot bedding and toile wallpaper.  The patterned carpet is cream and apricot.  Just heavenly!!!!



A room for sisters, one baby, one toddler:  lavender and lime green.  This color combination is another popular 2000's choice for girls.  Notice the cornice with trim on the curtains. 


This room is pink and brown,  an unusual color combination for a nursery.



When the little baby girl turns toddler, here are some ideas for the former nursery.  Deep rose and green color combination.  I love the drapery trim and the matching trim on the lampshade.  The flowers drawn on the wall are a nice touch.



Designer Katie Ritter used a pink and black fabric for this little girl's Moroccan theme room.  Notice how Ritter cut out the canopy to further the exotic feel of the room.



White, blue and hot pink for this little girl.



Purple and white stripes with lime green walls.  Again, cut out, trimmed valances add a Hollywood Regency feel to this room.



Jonathan Adler designed this toddler girl's room with checks and a vibrant print.  Notice the adorable shade on the light fixture.  Also, Adler took a staid, grown up chest and painted it a youthful, bright yellow - a good idea for adult furniture when parents no longer want in their own rooms.

These adorable twin beds gain an exotic touch with the zebra painted headboards mixed with traditional toile curtains.



Gwyneth Paltrow's toddler daughter Apple sleeps in this cute room in her Southampton home.



Peach and cream stripes with brown and white houndstooth make a nice combination for this little girl.  Notice the trend alert Saarinen table on the left.



Designsnitch used chocolate brown walls and a deep watermelon pink for this room.  So adorable!    But, the wall to wall carpet would not be my choice here.  A flat weave, patterned carpet would be so much more interesting.  In fact, I can't think of any room that plain wall to wall plush carpet looks good in!

I adore this room that Timothy Whealon designed for his nieces. Ethnic cotton fabrics seem to be in vogue for girl rooms.  Inexpensive and colorful, these fabrics replace the loud, polyester varieties once used extensively in kid rooms.  Thank God!


Twin beds in deep, deep pink and blues.



A contemporary room with a mixture of trendy pinks and oranges.  Notice the acrylic table floating atop a white flokati rug on the painted white floor.  This room could last from baby to little girl to young adult - something to consider when moving a toddler from the nursery.


Kathryn Ireland designed fabric canopies for this girl's bedroom.



A more traditional girl's room with deep pink carpet and toile wallpaper inset in the wall molding.  An oversized antique mirror competes with a hippie style hanging chair.  Again, a patterned carpet would have been a more interesting choice for this room.  This is something I fight over with clients on a continual basis.  Can someone explain to me the appeal of this type of floor covering?  Seriously?  I don't get it.



Suellen Gregory designed this English styled bedroom with chintz wallpaper and curtains.  Classic and feminine.



Houston `interior designer Katie Stassis designed this hot pink bedroom for one daughter and.....


this lavender and bright yellow room for her other daughter.  Small rugs are laid over wall to wall seagrass matting.   Good choice here - the seagrass adds texture and subtle color and is a great alternative to wall to wall carpet.  Stassis was named to domino magazine's Top Ten New Designers this year.  Congratulations Katie!!!


Candice Olson gave this room a French poodle theme.  Ball trim highlights the curtains and shades.  Total kitsch but cute.



This Candice Olson room is more traditional.  Hand drawn molding on the dusty pink walls.  Over the top drapery treatments, so typical of Olson, who loves a plethora of trim and pillows and detail everywhere.


  French for a teenage girl, by Cathy Kinkaid.  Nice - I like!!


Timothy Whealon uses warm pinks, monogrammed sheets, and bright fabrics.



Hot, hot, hot pink dresses down formal French furniture.  Isn't she the cutest with her little yellow laptop!  Ah, a girl after my own heart.  Hey cutie - where's the Starbucks?


Suzanne Kasler uses deep, deep pinks for this girl's room.  Note the hanging swing on the right and the matching vintage love seats.  The graphic patterned curtain fabric gives the room just the right touch of youthfulness.


Pink, navy,  and black.  Trim on the headboard pops in the room, as does the patterned carpet.  Madeline Weinrib pillows.



For the younger girl, a painted mural.  Unfortunately, this type of wall treatment won't last very long when a school aged girl demands a more grown up look.  Better to spend your money elsewhere than on dated murals.





Lavender toile and formal french furniture for an attic bedroom.   Technically a nursery with the crib on the left - a room designed like this could last from baby to college aged.


The above bedroom's bathroom with a toile skirted sink.  Notice the painted French trumeau mirror.    Adorable.

Peach checks and toiles, wallpaper and patterned rug.



Swedish bedroom for a tween girl.  Checks and mini prints.


White flokati rug, light blues and a wonderful tufted chaise make this tween room glamorous. 



Blue and white classic toile will go from little ones to an adult guest bedroom.



Great idea for a nightstand - use a skirted vanity table instead.  So pretty!  But, unfortunately the choice of lamps is questionable, showing the importance of attention to the smallest of details  when planning a room.        Suellen Gregory.


So what have we learned today?  Well, wall to wall carpet is a no-no anywhere - seagrass or patterned carpets are much better aesthetically.   Murals are a waste of good money.  Watermelon pink and lime green are a hot color combination with lavender and lime green a close second.   Rooms with traditional furniture will last a lot longer than "juvenile" furniture.  Curtains with trimmed valances are trend alerts!  Monogrammed sheets and pillows are in style.   Inexpensive cotton ethnic and indienne fabrics are good alternatives to cheap, polyester kiddie  fabrics.  And .....  my new great niece Laine is adorable!!!!!

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