Houston Bloggers Have the Most Fun!!


Courtney, Ronda, Moi, Paloma, and Carolina

Dinner at the new Armando's on Westheimer at Kirby

It's becoming something of a tradition that the girls from Houston who write design blogs get together to share a meal and some laughs.  It was my fourth time being with different Houston bloggers, and the first time we've all been together as a group.  This Thursday night, we hosted Ronda of All the Best blog.  Ronda, originally from Houston, now lives with her husband and son in Scotland, but she still makes a few trips a year home to visit family.  We're a pretty motley crew - aged from 25 to 53 (guess who?) But, oddly enough, age doesn't define us.  Our commonality is, of course, our blogs, and all the trials and tribulations that come from blogging. 

Ronda, is the go getter of the bunch, anxious to take blogging to the next level - she's succeeding at making her dreams a reality.  The rest of us are in awe of Ronda.   

Carolina, of the Carolina Eclectic blog, is an interior designer with a mid-century-modern bent.  She is calm by nature and very interesting to talk to.  She belongs to Houston Mod and as such is very knowledgeable about mid-century design in Houston. 

Paloma, well, Paloma what can I say? - So pretty, absolutely beautiful,  she's certainly the jewelry at any dinner table.  Writer of the La Dolce Vita blog, she teaches pre AP Spanish at a public high school but excitedly announced she is leaving teaching for real estate.  Good luck Paloma! 

And then there's Courtney of Inside the Loop. Courtney is  the Energizer Bunny of the lot.  Full of joie de vie, she recently hosted an outdoor movie party in her back yard for her neighbors. For her trek to Round Top, she borrowed an RV and took another blogger from Florida, along with their husbands, for a weekend of fun.  Fun?  Sleeping in an RV with perfect strangers?  OH YES!!!! Courtney assured me it was a blast.

spring 007 

Ronda and Courtney

Meeting up with other bloggers isn't something I had planned on doing when I started my blog last year, but it's been one of the more fun rewards that's come with my blog.   Paloma has named us The Mutual Admiration Society - and what a great name it is!  We do have a certain respect for each other, perfect strangers with truly only one thing in common - our blogs.  But that's enough for us!    See y'all this summer!!

spring 004 

Paloma, Ronda and Carolina

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