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Cover story:  Magnificent Swedish clock/desk combination.

I love when a magazine's cover is beautiful.  I'll spy the new issue on the stands and my heart skips a beat while I rush to the checkout counter.  If the cover is especially pretty, I won't scan the magazine on the way home.  Instead, I'll wait until I can take the article all in, with no distractions.  The new Veranda magazine has such a cover!   The story centers around a gorgeous, remodeled Dallas home owned by a young Texan couple, both of whom have ties to the design world.  The Newsoms started and own the wildly successful Wisteria catalogue, a favorite source for designers and design lovers everywhere. The wife, Shannon, is the daughter of one of Houston's great interior designers, Jane Moore - who also owns the shop Jane Moore, Ltd. which specializes in Swedish and French antiques.  And, as if that isn't enough design pedigree for one couple -- Andrew, the husband, is the son of Veranda's founder and editor Lisa Newsom (a fact which was news to me.)  No wonder Wisteria is as fabulous as it is!!  With genes like these, how could Shannon and Andrew go wrong? 

Have I told  you yet just how fabulous their home is?  Filled to overflowing with painted Swedish and French antiques, it is a vision in soft, muted colors.  Gustavian furniture is a close cousin to French furniture and they mix well together.  Plain and checked linens cover the peeling painted wood frames of the chairs and sofas.  Walls throughout are painted white and the wood floors are just as light.  No fussy drapery here, instead wood shutters cover the windows.  Sprinkled throughout the house are pieces from the Wisteria catalogue, but mostly the accessories are one-of-kind antiques, some of which will serve as inspirations to copy for the catalogue.  Veranda magazine is based out of the deep south and thus, isn't available everywhere, so for those unable to buy it, here are a few highlights from the Newsom house:


One side of the living room, Gustavian chairs, French console.


Gorgeous antique mantel, french chairs.  I love the old books on the mantel.


The dining room with new steel table from France, antique French chairs and chandelier.  Swedish Moro clock in the background.


Living room with Chelsea Editions check on custom sofa.  Swedish chairs and center table.  Modern lamps are an unexpected touch.  Wisteria green jug on table.

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