Here Comes the Megan


One of the more strange, yet oddly satisfying aspects of blogging is making new friends in cyberspace.  Relationships between bloggers develop over emails and comments left on each other's blogs.  Last summer Megan, aka Beach Bungalow 8, and I started just such a friendship that neither one of us would have predicted would have lasted this long.  Megan is a very talented interior designer and artist from L.A.  She lives with her two darling daughters, and a few dogs, on a beautiful walk street in Manhattan Beach, one block from the Pacific Ocean.  Can we say,  jealous?   At first, we talked about mundane things like drapes - how long do you like them, how do you combine blinds with drapes, things like that which only an interior designer would find even mildly interesting.  Over time and endless emails, I realized that Megan is actually an hysterically funny person - maybe one of the funniest I've ever "known."   We Instant Message each other late at night, when her two daughters are asleep and she has time to talk.  I always wonder what my neighbors think when they hear me outside on my porch laughing hysterically to myself, out loud, at 1:00 in the morning.  Megan can make me laugh that hard.  Though she looks like a Parisian model, she's can be a total ditz.  There's just something about the girl that I love - she's the  Lucy to my Ethel. 

Megan's Mexican wedding to Nick is just days ahead and so, today,  design bloggers all over the world are gathering in cyberspace to throw her a bridal shower.  So, Megan - here's my idea of a bridal shower for you and Nick.   I hope you two have a long and happy life together and a new baby too!   

For the shower, the guest list includes this group:


Megan's parents are sure to attend the shower, not so sure about Melissa Gilbert in the middle?


And Megan's sister, the talented AND famous ceramic artist, Deirdre Daw, on the left, will be sure to attend.  Megan, on the right, of course will be there.


And a wedding shower wouldn't be complete without Megan's favorite TV Stars:  The Duggars with, guess what - ANOTHER new baby.  Don't be surprised if Megan shows up with Mrs. Duggar's hair style,  she's been threatening to copy it.


And one last invite goes to Megan's childhood friend and neighbor - shoe guru Kate Spade. 

The Address:


Beach Bungalow 8, of course!  This is Megan's adorable home on a walk street in Manhatten Beach.  How romantic can you get?


We'll open presents in Megan's living room with its beachy aqua walls and beautiful aqua linen slipcovered chairs. I love this room!


After we open the presents, those who are tired can take a nap in Megan's famous bedroom.


And those with energy can go for a walk on the beach in Megan's "front yard."


We'll take the dogs to the beach - including these two - painted by the very talented Megan!



After the party is over and all the guests are gone, Megan will go back to work in her home office.  Oh, wait, this office has been moved to the garage in order to make room for Nick's moving into Beach Bungalow 8.  What a body!


HERE is where Megan works now - her garaffice, as she affectionately calls it.  That's her surfboard in the back.  You did know that Megan surfs - how else do you think she keeps her gorgeous figure?  One late night Megan and I were online together and she screamed as she saw a mouse scooting across her garaffice.


And here's the  beautiful Megan hard at work in her garaffice!  Unbeknownst to Megan, her daughters put this picture of  Megan on her business emails.  It took Megan a few days to first realize this, then a few more days to figure out how to remove this picture from her emails.  Don't ask how long the two of laughed over this picture.


The happy couple, soon to be married!  Nick is one special man.  An Arquette, first cousin to the famous Arquette acting siblings, Nick started and runs a wonderful charity:  Walk With Sally.  Nick's mother Sally passed away from breast cancer when he was a child which has deeply affected his life.  His charity, named after his beloved mother, pairs adults with children of terminally ill parents, who then act as mentors and big brothers and sisters. 


Megan:  my bridal shower gift to you - a donation to Nick's charity "Walk With Sally."  Please consider making a donation to this wonderful and heart warming cause.  A fledging charity, donations are very much appreciated.  The picture above shows Nick with the young boy he is mentoring while his mother is ill.

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