My Designs: Romantic Bedroom on the Cheap

This is a bedroom I just completed for a client who was recently separated after many years of marriage. Her friend talked her into redoing her bedroom and I tried to make it cosy and romantic for her to start her new life in it, hopefully, with a new man one day. She was wary of decorating while newly single, so I told her we could do it "on the cheap."
The budget was small, so I found her this toile bedding from Pottery Barn - Martine. The color is a soothing, calm, aqua with a hint of gray in it. From PB, we bought the slipcovered headboard, the duvet, shams, and sheets, plus a painted end table just visible off to the side. I used a skirted table to save more money and filled in with inexpensive silk fabrics from Calico Corner.

The sconces come from Blanc d'Ivoire - a fabulous and very reasonable French company with a branch in NYC. The lamps are theirs also. The french chair and ottoman came nude from Savoia, another reasonable company from Canada. The painted bookshelf is from GJ Styles, and yes, it too is a very reasonable company! The mirrors are from a local lighting company and the carpet was ordered from Home Depot. While very nice, the carpet is one element of the room that I am not enthralled with. It was my wish that we run seagrass wall to wall, but my client disagreed, and so we chose a deep aqua sculpted piece. It works, but I'm a seagrass girl to the core. Plus, the seagrass would have cost less!! The drapes were custom made with matching material ordered from Pottery Barn and the shades are from Target.

I had fun working on this room. It was a challenge to keep costs down on everything and I don't think I splurged on any one item. My client was overcome and actually cried when I finally let her see the finished space.

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