Kurt Aichler - Houston Architect

This is my dream house. It was built by architect Kurt Aichler for himself and his wife Dana. They sold it years ago and it's changed hands at least three times since. It's back on the market again. I swore if it ever came back up for sale, I'd buy it - but alas, it's still out of my price league. The house is located in the City of West University, a tiny old-fashioned town located right in the middle of Houston. It's on a cul-de-sac which is really unusual for West University and the lot is bigger than the average 50x100 sq. ft. size. The neighborhood is filled with new, huge homes squashed onto these tiny postage stamp sized lots. Slowly, these larger houses have replaced the WWII era cottages which have mostly been deemed "tear downs."

I love the facade of this home, the antique french front door, the stucco half wall surrounding the front courtyard, the two front gates (especially how the left gate has no walkway!). The interior was updated by the current owner, an interior designer. The room I most love is the lady's master bathroom. Notice the tiled floor, the pedestal sink and the claw foot bathtub. It's the height of luxury to have separate master bathrooms.
Check out Kurt's web site to see examples of his other designs. He doesn't specialize in French design, but for his own home - he was a master of it.

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